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They both have healing factors, both age slowly, both are very athletic, they're basically even. But wolvie's more serious and efficient, deadpool's a comedian. Sorry to deadpool fans, but wolverine would probably win.

^ Actually not Deadpool can only be killed from decapitation and even then he isn't dead all you have to do is stitch his head back on and it heals like a normal wound. (complete badass move) Wolverines healing factor is much slower than Deadpools, Deadpools healing factor is so intense actually that his skin is severly deformed because his healing factor reacted with cancer in a differnt way ( im not sure exactily what happened ) but it ended up leaving his skin disfigured. Deadpool would win in a fight against deadpool. You could stab Deadpool in the head and he would sit there and talk to you, do that to wolverine ( if you can get through his adamantium skull) and even if you cant its going to take him a while to heal. Bring a big enough magnet and well boom he is kind of hopeless. 

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