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Besides becoming the Sorcerer Supreme? Member of the Avengers, member of the Illuminati, holder of one of the Reality Gems, Master of the Mystical Arts, and formerly expert surgeon.

Also, he seems to be one of the only magic wielding characters who can call up gods and demons with little trouble, especially if they're not already part demon themselves, love interest of Cleo (a feat in and of itself), he's an expert at using magic for psychic purposes, and he's also one of the preeminent knowledges on the topic of magic (as seen kind of recently by his assertion that 'chaos magic' - which the Scarlet Witch was always said to have used - isn't actually magic and is a form of reality manipulation, which no one else knew - of course he didn't know it before, but, you know, writers.).

He's beaten Dormammu a few times, went toe to toe with the Hulk without using magic (World War Hulk - after the Hulk smashed his hands so he couldn't cast spells Doc. Strange changed out his hands for maces and started trying to kill Hulk), and he's kind of a mainstay in the larger Avengers/crossover comics.

Hope this is what you were looking for.

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