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For both individuals their main assets are there strength so it would come down to durability, strength and healing factors and in the end the hulk would win, at a base level hulk would be below hercules and hercules would pummel him but after a very short length of time the hulk would surpass him by a large amount and obliterate him until he was a slushy goopy nothing.The mutant healing factor fo the hulk would eventually lead to a reduction in stamina and cause him to turn back into Dr. Bruce Banner ( the gamma rays do require energy reserves) at this point the fact that Hercules is a demi god who also has mutant healing abilities would come into the equation and since Dr. Bruce Banner is not the Hulk and he has no real strength, the final outcome is a forgone consclusion. Greek Demi God 1, Big Green Monster 0.

So anyway Hercules kicks Hulk's ass

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