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Unlimited, incalculable, infinite strength.. Remember he lifted the Exitar from his foot.. The celestial killer of the worlds... Which was so heavy that even rogue took powers of all the Superheroes and mutants of the world to lift Exitar's legs but she could only lift one foot which made Exitar unstable and fall on earth but suddenly Sentry (with death seed) came and lift another foot that made him stable and nit to fall on earth.. When Exitar was killed Sentry took his body to far away from the universe grasping his power single handedly... That says a lot..!!

Hence lifting heavy ships like avengers Head office.., aeroplanes, whales and whole city of Asgard is just a cup of tea for Sentry... He broke a mountain and made a deep valley with just a single punch on the ground...

He also fought World War hulk right after standing continuously for 23 hours at the doorstep watching disaster of hulk on tv and waiting for his turn to fight.

He took Thor to the new universe that was far million light years long distance in just a blink of eye.

Even Thor's hammer fell down on the ground after hitting sentry and he was still standing still..!!

Never underestimate his power... Power of Million Exploding suns.. The most powerful superhero in the history of Comic books both marvel and DC... And also more than DragonballZ..!!!

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