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3 All-New Captain America

Announced/Upcoming titles:
(*=limited, ***=one-shot/annual)

Avengers: Rage of Ultron (by Rick Remender & Jerome Opena)(OGN)
Thanos: The Infinity Relativity (by Jim Starlin)(OGN)
Secret Wars
Secret Wars (by Jonathan Hickman & Esad Ribic)*
Avengers Now/All-New Marvel Now
Angela: Asgard's Assassin (by Kieron Gillen, Marguerite Bennet & Phil Jimenez, Stephanie Hans)
Ant-Man (by Nick Spencer & Ramon Rosanas)
Gamora (by Nicole Perlman & TBA)
Guardians Team-Up (by Brian Michael Bendis & Art Adams)
Hawkeye (by Jeff Lemire & Ramon Perez)
Howard the Duck (by Chip Zdarsky & Joe Quinones)
Operation: S.I.N. (by Kathryn Immonen & Rich Ellis)*
Return of the Living Deadpool (by Cullen Bunn & Nik Virella)*
SHIELD (by Mark Waid & various)
Silk (by Robbie Thompson & Stacey Lee)
Spider-Gwen (by Jason Latour & Robbi Rodriguez)
Spider-Man and the X-Men (by Elliot Kalan & Marco Failla)
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (by Ryan North & Erica Henderson)
Uncanny Avengers (by Rick Remender & Daniel Acuna)
Wolverines (by Charles Soule, Ray Fawkes & Nick Bradshaw)
Disney Kingdoms
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (by Dennis Hopeless & Tigh Walker)* Star Wars
Star Wars (by Jason Aaron & John Cassaday)
Star Wars: Darth Vader (by Kieron Gillen & Salvador Larroca)
Star Wars - Kanan: The Last Padawan (by Greg Weisman & Pepe Larraz)
Star Wars: Princess Leia (by Mark Waid & Terry Dodson)*
James Patterson
Max Ride: First Flight (by Marguerite Bennett & Alex Sanchez)*

Current titles
(*= limited series, **= ending, ***= one-shot/annual):

Death of Wolverine
Death of Wolverine: Life After Logan (by various)***
Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy 4-5 (by Marguerite Bennett, Ray Fawkes & Juan Doe, Elia Bonetti)*
Death of Wolverine: The Weapon X Program 1-2 (by Charles Soule & Salvador Larroca)*
Nightcrawler 8 (by Chris Claremont & Todd Nauck)
Storm 5 (by Greg Pak & Victor Ibanez)
All-New X-Factor 16 (by Peter David & Carmine Giandomenico)
Avengers & X-Men: AXIS 4-6 (by Rick Remender & Leinil Yu, Terry Dodson)*
Avengers World 15 (by Nick Spencer & Marco Checchetto)
AXIS: Carnage 2 (by Rick Spears & German Peralta)*
AXIS: Hobgoblin 2 (by Kevin Schinick & Javier Rodriguez)*
AXIS: Revolutions 2 (by Frank Tieri, Kevin Maurer & Paul Davidson)*
Captain America & the Mighty Avengers 1-2 (by Al Ewing & Luke Ross)
Deadpool 37 (by Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan & Mike Hawthorne)
Loki: Agent of Asgard 8 (by Al Ewing & Lee Garbett)
Magneto 12 (by Cullen Bunn & Gabriel Walta)
Nova 23-24 (by Gerry Duggan & David Baldeon)
Superior Iron Man 1-2 (by Tom Taylor & Yildiray Cinar)
Wolverine and the X-Men 12 (by Jason Latour & Jorge Jimenez)**
Amazing Spider-Man 9-10 (by Dan Slott & Oliver Coipel)
Scarlet Spiders 1 (by Mike Costa & Paco Diaz)*
Spider-Man 2099 6 (by Peter David & Will Sliney)
Spider-Verse 1 (by various)*
Spider-Verse Team-Up 1 (by Christos Gage, Roger Stern & Dave Williams, Bob McLeod)*
Spider-Woman 1 (by Dennis Hopeless & Greg Land)
Time Runs Out
Avengers 38 (by Jonathan Hickman & Stefano Caselli)
New Avengers 26-27 (by Jonathan Hickman & Kev Walker)
Avengers Now/All-New Marvel Now!
All-New Captain America 1 (by Rick Remender & Stuart Immonen)
All-New Ghost Rider 9 (by Felipe Smith & Damion Scott)
All-New Invaders 12 (by James Robinson & Steve Pugh)
All-New X-Men 34-35 (by Brian Michael Bendis & Mahmud Asrar)
Amazing X-Men 13 (by James Tynion IV & Jorge Jimenez)
Black Widow 11 (by Nathan Edmondson & Phil Noto)
Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier 2 (by Ales Kot & Marko Rudy)
Captain Marvel 9 (by Kelly Sue Deconnick & David Lopez)
Cyclops 7 (by Greg Rucka & Javier Garron)
Daredevil 10 (by Mark Waid & Chris Samnee)
Deadpool: Art of War 2 (by Peter David & Scott Koblish)
Deathlok 2 (by Nathan Edmondson & Mike Perkins)
Elektra 8 (by Haden Blackman & Mike del Mundo)
Fantastic Four 13 (by James Robinson & Leonard Kirk)
Guardians of the Galaxy 21 (by Brian Michael Bendis & Valerio Schitti)
Guardians 3000 2 (by Dan Abnett & Gerardo Sandoval)
Hawkeye 22 (by Matt Fraction & David Aja)**
Hawkeye vs. Deadpool 2 (by Gerry Duggan & Matteo Lolli)*
Hulk 8 (by Gerry Duggan & Mark Bagley)
Inhuman 8 (by Charles Soule & Pepe Larraz)
Iron Fist: The Living Weapon 7 (by Kaare Andrews)
Legendary Star-Lord 5 (by Sam Humphries & Paco Medina)
Mighty Avengers 14 (by Al Ewing & Greg Land)
Ms. Marvel 10 (by G. Willow Wilson & Adrian Alphona)
Moon Knight 9 (by Brian Wood & Greg Smallwood)
New Warriors 12 (by Chris Yost & Marcus To)**
Rocket Raccoon 5 (by Skottie Young)
Savage Hulk 6 (by Corrina Bechko & Gabriel Hardman)
Secret Avengers 10 (by Ales Kot & Michael Walsh)
She-Hulk 10 (by Charles Soule & Javier Pulido)
Silver Surfer 8 (by Dan Slott & Mike Allred)
The Punisher 12 (by Nathan Edmondson & Mitch Gerads)
The Superior Foes of Spider-Man 17 (by Nick Spencer & Steve Lieber)**
Thor 2 (by Jason Aaron & Russell Dautermann)
Uncanny X-Men 28 (by Brian Michael Bendis & Chris Bachalo)
X-Force 12 (by Simon Spurrier & Rock-He Kim)
X-Men 21 (by Marc Guggenheim & Harvey Tolibao, Dexter Soy)
Ultimate Marvel Now
All-New Ultimates 10 (by Michael Fiffe & Amilcar Pinna)
Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man 7 (by Brian Michael Bendis & David Marquez)
All Ages
Marvel Universe: Avengers Assemble Season Two 1 (by Joe Caramanga)
Marvel Universe: Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors 1 (by Joe Caramanga)
George A. Romero
Empire of the Dead: Act Two 3 (by George A. Romero & Dalibor Talajic)*
Men of Wrath 2 (by Jason Aaron & Ron Garney)*
Miracleman 13 (by Alan Moore & John Totleben)(REPRINTS)
Stephen King
The Dark Tower: The Drawing of Three 4 (by Peter David, Robin Furth & Piotr Kowalski)*

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