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Top 10 most powerful marvel characters?

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hard but: 1.TOAA(name says all) 2.Living Tribunal(canonicaly number 2) 3.Molecule Man(defeated Beyonder, that battle with Sentry was PIS, he's nowhere near Owen's league eat it Sentry wankers) 4.Beyonder(most powerful mutant) 5.HOM Scarlet Witch(2. most powerful mutant, effortlessly warped Multiverse and as a result of her powers was unleashed catastrophic Chaos wave what destroyed and recreated Omniverse) 6.Mad Jim Jaspers(3. most powerful mutant, threat to Omniverse, have potential to become new TOAA) 7.Franklin Richards(defeated abraxas) 8.Abraxas(can destroy every life in multiverse, thus can beat WPOTC) 9.WPOTC(can beat multi abstracts) 10.Multi abstracts(below WPOTC)

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