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Powers Hyperstorm is easily one of the most powerful mutants to ever exist, easily matching Mister M, X-Man and Jean Grey, or even surpassing them. With his powers he can warp reality on (at least) a galactic sale. Dynamokinesis: Richards possesses virtually infinite psionic power which he can draw endlessly from hyperspace, from which the fundamental forces of the universe (the strong nuclear force, electromagnetism, the weak nuclear force and gravitation) flow into our plane of reality. Controlling the four fundamental forces should theoretically allow him to restructure, create, manipulate and/or destroy matter from a cosmic scale down to the subatomic level at will; to create electromagnetic fields and electrical currents, make matter radioactive, manipulate gravity (change the shape of spacetime), cause nuclear detonations, emit enormous energy blasts, use his psionic powers to increase his physical strength and generally to accomplish nearly anything he sets his mind to.

Hyper-spacial Teleportation: He has the ability to teleport himself through hyperspace from one place in spacetime to another, possibly at any distance. Invisibility: He has the power to render himself wholly or partially invisible at will. He can also render other people or objects invisible, affecting up to forty thousand cubic feet of volume. He achieves these feats by mentally bending all wavelengths of light in the vicinity of himself or of the target in question and he somehow does this without causing visible distortion effects; he can also (through unclear means) direct enough undistorted light to his eyes in order to retain his full range of vision while invisible. Telepathy: He can read the minds of others and project his own thoughts into them within a radius of 250 miles (on Earth). With extreme effort he can greatly extend that radius. Telepathic Illusion: He has the ability to create realistic telepathic illusions that cause people to experience events which are not actually occurring. Telepathic Cloak: He can mask his presence to prevent himself from being detected by others. His abilities can, at times, go undetected or be counteracted by other more powerful telepaths depending on their level of skill in using their own psi abilities. He can extend these defenses to others around him as well. Mind Link: He has a remarkable ability to develop a mental link with any person and it remains thereafter as a connection to that individual. Telepathic Camouflage: Richard's can mask his and other peoples' presence from anyone or group in the area. He can also telepathically disguise himself thus making his appearance quite different from his 'normal' one to others (changing the appearance of clothing, as well as more involved disguising). Mind Control: He has the power to control the minds of others upon mere concentration. Mind Possession: He is able to possess the mind of another, and use that beings body as his own. Mind Alteration: He can alter the minds of others by force of will. Mental Amnesia: Richard's has the ability to cause loss of particular memories or to induce a more general amnesia in another person or even in a group of people. Psionic Shield: His mind can erect a psychic shield for protection of himself and/or of the minds of others. Psionic Blasts: He can project psionic force bolts which have no physical effects but which can affect a victim's mind so as to cause the victim pain or unconsciousness and can even kill an adversary. Astral Projection: His abilities extend to Astral Travel and he can communicate with others astrally through his own will, or through contact with the thoughts and memories of others. When in the astral realm, he can use his powers to create "ectoplasmic" objects. He is, however, somewhat limited compared to other practitioners of astral travel (such as Dr. Strange) in that he cannot engage in long range astral projection whilst remaining on the earthly plane. Mental Detection: He senses the presence of other superhuman mutants within a small (but as yet undefined) radius of himself apparently through perception of the distinctive mental radiations emitted by such a being. Mind Transferal: Richard's also can transfer both his mind and powers into other host bodies should his own physical body be somehow killed. Telekinesis: He possesses very strong telekinetic abilities enabling him to levitate and manipulate living beings, inanimate objects, and (to some extent) manipulate energy psionically. He can “lift” an unknown amount of weight and can enable himself to “fly” at great speed. Vitakinesis: He has the ability to heal any injury to himself or others.

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