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Daredevil's father, "Battling" Jack Murdock, was introduced in Daredevil Vol.1 #1. He was a retired boxer. However, wishing to put his son through college, he decided to make a comeback as a fighter. He had trouble getting a manager, and eventually signs a contract with a mobster known as The Fixer. His comeback as a boxer is a huge success, but what Jack doesn't realise is that The Fixer has been fixing all of his fights so that he wins. Eventually, the time comes when The Fixer demands that Jack throws the fight, but he refuses, and wins his bout to earn a title shot. On his way home after the fight, The Fixer's thugs shoot and kill Jack for disobeying his orders. In the same issue, Daredevil makes his crimefighting debut, tracking down and bringing to justice both The Fixer, and the man who pulled the trigger (a man named Slade).

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