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Spider-man does not appear in the avengers just yet. But he is in and out with the avengers he's not really an Avenger but he does join them ever once on awhile in the comic books.His movie rights are owned by anothe studio company so they can't put his character in his movies.Because Spider man, at the moment, does not belong to Marvel. So therefore they don't right to put spider in The Avengers. I'm not sure who Spider man belongs to though.Different Movie Studio owns the rightsI was wondering this too. I think it's likely because they're in the middle of creating a new Spider-Man series, and therefore, they probably want that to be his big (re)entry.

I assume this is a reference to the Avengers movie. Spider Man will not be in any of them because the movie rights to the character is owned by Sony. Likewise Wolverine, or any other X-Men character, will not be in an Avengers movie because the movie rights to those characters are owned by Fox. The rights to the Avengers are owned by Marvel Productions , which is owned by Disney.Because the movie rights to spider-man go to sony and not marvel

Spiderman was, is and will always be a Marvel comics hero, no matter who the rights owner is; the cast number had to be limited for the Avengers film, otherwise, there would've been, not counting Nick Fury, twenty-three members in one film which is a bit too much. Five members was plenty for the film. Hopefully, Spider may be in the next Avengers live-action film.

AlphaShenron: Spider-Man is not in the Avengers film for a multitude of reasons, which include the statements made by others who answered this question. Marvel does not own the rights to Spider-Man; movie rights are owned by Sony/Columbia Pictures. Another reason is because it would not be chronologically accurate for Spider-Man to be included on the Avengers roster. Spider-Man was not a first time Avenger during the original line-up; now, a temporary or honorary member, yes. Now, in the current comics, Spider-Man is a member of the Avengers roster (not fulltime, BTW). Also, Spider-Man has been a more lasting member of the New Avengers line-up, not Avengers. Hope this helped!

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